Intersecting Tracks Views

Instructor: Mahdi Alibakhshin
Studio: Woodbury 3B
Site location: Egret Park ( Riverside Park @ l 5 freeway
Design Intent: Design a structural cover and multi use, fully accessible viewing platforms that will observe views of the Southern California Metro Link train system as it enters the Southern California Regional Rail Authority Taylor Yard . The main focus was to study alternate ways in which the articulation of structural geometry, structural materialist and human activities can furnish. Design does not exceed 1,000 SF and cantilevers over the sloping river embankment . Only using three primary support columns. Design intent is focusing on the train cargo shipping containers. Mimicking their phasat and creating voids and distortion to create different aesthetics for each 1:12 ADA ramp. The ADA ramps intersect and interlock creating platforms for views. The approach was designing a diamond shape allowing for different interlocking to create various views from north, south, east and west. Ramps are accessible to walking and bike riding pedestrians . Ramp cantilevers over the bike path after reaching its 10' clearance. 





Shipping containers used as circulation and as a source of shading . By creating different voids and distortion.


Views to the train station through platforms created by various points of inner sections. 

Concept Models:


North Section view:

                                                                                      Section/Elevation . 12' clearance over bike path.

Model images:

1/4" Scale model: