Internship in Africa

Job Title: Architectural Internship
Location: Harper, Liberia
Duration: July 1st- August 20th

Organizational Profile:
Partners In Health (PIH) is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Boston, MA, whose
mission is to provide quality health care for the poor and marginalized in Haiti, Rwanda,
Lesotho, Malawi, Peru, Mexico, Russia, Dominican Republic, and Navajo Nation. In addition,
PIH has a growing network of affiliated organizations and initiatives in several other
countries, including Nepal, Burundi, Mali, Liberia, and Togo. Through service delivery,
training, advocacy and research, PIH works around the globe to bring the benefits of modern
medical science to those most in need of it, to serve as an antidote to despair, and inspire
others to do the same.

1) Enhance the capacity building of our national staff through the support of recent
computer drafting technologies and hands on fabrication techniques
2) Provide PIH with a pipeline of infrastructure staff interested in global health
infrastructure to improve future recruitment processes on future larger projects. Ie. New
hospital, Pleebo, Training Center, etc.
3) Exposure to the working environment of a non-profit organization and a better
understanding of PIH’s goals and activities to enhance PIHs exposure and discourse in
the Architecture for Health diaspora.


Overall Responsibilities:
Partners In Health is engaged in several infrastructure projects in Maryland County in
Liberia. PIH has a team of infrastructure staff (architects and engineers) focused on these
efforts, based in Harper. Under the direct supervision of the Director of Infrastructure, the
intern was expected to perform the following tasks:
 30% - Technical architectural drawings for Pleebo Phase II (these will be necessary
throughout construction due to fast track construction timeline)
 25% - Support on projects currently in development (TB Strong expansion, GIZ
supported lab and biomedical workshop)
 15% - Creation of an infrastructure project archive and final report to capture
lessons learned, working guidelines for Liberia and recommendations.
 15% - Woodshop support – Utilize, improve, maintain shop through direct
 10% - Hands on prototyping and mock up building (Bricks, Structural usage of
Bamboo, compressed block)

 5% - Provide capacity building to our staff who are curious to learn Revit and
rendering softwares.


Pleebo, Liberia New MCH ward

Helped design and create plans and renderings for the new MCH ward that will on one hand, undertake a comprehensive restructuring of the existing services, in order to address the functional issues observed in its first year of service; and, on the other hand will undertake new construction to complement the existing services by increasing areas that are needed to more effectively respond to the growing number of patients, especially in addressing the need of Maternal and Child Health patients. 


Lagos State Mainland Hospital Masterplan

This document presents a concept for what
the training center at Lagos Mainland Hospital might look like.


Lab Expansion