The My-Gration Museum - Breaking the Wall

Instructor: Mahdi Alibakhshian
Studio: Woodbury 3B
Site location: Site Q , across the street from the Disney Concert Hall
Design Intent: The division between two opposing sides is demonstrated by a wall that exemplifies two different ideologies. Taking a look at history from the Berlin , The Great Wall of China, and mainly today's current Trump Wall proposition. It propelled me to implement the idea of a conflicting division.The project implements a wall with volume that creates a division between two architectural ideals. One side demonstrates a vivid, colorful , with linear architectural circulation. The other side is more concrete, grey , and dull with circular circulation. The division is demolished by the circulation itself which distorts the structural system enhancing the symbolic notion of the wall being destroyed. The circulation also represents three different types of ways immigrants migrate from different parts of the world. The wall symbolizes the struggles and obstacles that every immigrant faces coming from their country to obtain the "American Dream."



Structure model: 

1/32" Concept models: 

1/32" Scale Models + Renderings :