Display Case

Instructor: Paul Chiu
Studio: Glendale Community College 
Site location
: Glendale Community College 
Design Intent
: We were asked to develop the hallway in the advanced technology building in GCC. Are task was to manufacture and construct a display case to replace the existing old telephone booth that has no function. The site is located right next to n elevator alongside room AT200. The ceiling height is 7'-11 1/2" tall and 3'-6" width. 8'- 8 1/2' lenght. The display case is 7'- 5 1/2"in height. 3'-6" in width and 8'-3" in lenght. The display case design is made out of 6 pieces of 4' x 8" fire rated plywood boards. the case has 3 levels. The display case aims to display students architectural models and to illustrate the work of students to others . To also, expand the architecture program by showcasing its outcome.


Assembling process:

Plywood layout for cnc routeing: 



Construction process images: