Arch Connection

Instructor: Paul Chiu
Studio: Glendale Community College / Arch 130
Site location: 282 E 2nd street, Los Angeles
Design Intent:  Design and proposed a brand new commercial Mix - use high rise building with circulation or program connecting to the Weller Court across the 2nd street . The area of the site is 98,684 sq ft or 2.3 acres of land. Little Tokyo's cultural hitter is the Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, the Geffen Contemporary (MOCA) and a number of cutting edge theaters.  Proposed architectural programs: it consists of 4 major parts- restaurants and food courts, outdoor performance area, professional office spaces, and retail stores and sales rooms. The total max height is 80' and 524 parking spaces.. A program or a circulation(bridge) connecting from the complex to the Weller Court across the street is require with a a minimum of 14' clearance. 3 major restaurants at 5,000 sq ft each.  10 fast food at 1,000 sq ft each and 2 major retail stores at 15,000 sq ft each. The design concept is to define the character of the open space through the configuration of circulation.  Design the programs to interlock with a circular bridge that functions as the spine of the entire project. 


Exiting Condition Diagrams 

Porposed Condition Diagrams

Design Approaches: Emphasize views and connections

Design Approaches: Development of bridge




                                   Structure Diagram                                                                                    Program Diagram 


               3 major restaurant                                                 2 Retail Stores                                                       Office space

                                                                                                  Office with central circulation


                                                         Fast food at 1,000 sq ft each


Floor plans:


     Underground parking level 2                                 Underground parking level 1                             Ground level

                                                          Level 2 plan showing connection to the Weller Court

Section perspective:

North view

West view

East view

North view


North - East View

West View

South - West View

North View

North - East View

1/64" and 1/32" scale models: